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Architecture and Urbanism,
Politics and Citizenship

This virtual exhibition, launched by the CAU Brazil during UIA2021RIO, is a small sample of what Brazilian architects and urbanists have developed in the last five years. A total of 80 works have been selected, in addition to works carried out by educational institutions and actions promoted by the regional CAUs of Brazilian States and Federal District.

The adopted theme (“Architecture and Urbanism, Politics and Citizenship”) seeks to highlight the strategic role of architects and urbanists in society, as structural actors of territories and transformers of the built environment.

“You never design just a house, you always design a city”, said architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, winner of the highest international honors in professional practice, among which the Pritzker Prize in 2006 and, recently, the UIA Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement.

Dialogue is fundamental, considering that all architectural and urbanistic theories and actions imply in the conception of something new, even when dealing with preexisting elements. It is crucial that people who experience architectural and urban designs, then, are many, diverse, and above all heard. “The success of the architect’s work depends on a preestablished pact with his/hers community” affirms Gabriela de Matos, active player of the new generation of professionals and founder of the collective “Arquitetas Negras” (Black Female Architects).  

We have already overcome the milestone of 200 thousand licensed architects and urban planners in Brazil, a workforce with political and social awareness and prepared to make a difference.

Backed by the right to the city, while designing our living spaces, Brazilian architects and urban planners exercise their social and political role. By doing so, they also contribute to the promotion of citizenship, economic growth, and the improvement of life quality in society, issues that are essential in order to face the country’s contemporary challenges.